What is Whooed ?

Remember the last time in uni or tafe when you were stuck on that question and there wasn't someone to give you an extra hand, or the time you needed an extra player for your sports team on a Wednesday afternoon and there wasn't someone to call on - now imagine a service that connects you to that someone!

We introduce you to Whooed.com
Whooed lets you post something you're looking for and allows you to communicate with like minded people.

What can you do with Whooed?

Learn something new!

Use Whooed to find people who can help you with your assignment or show you the simpliest way of solving that question.

Plan a sports event

Use Whooed to plan an indoor soccer or basketball game and find players you never knew.

Time to Engage

Use Whooed to discover peers beyond the classroom walls or in different course who not only think like you but enjoy what you like.

... You decide on how you wish to find students and discover what your institution has to offer!

How does it work?

Three simple steps make this idea into a reality

1. Enter your current location (e.g. Monash University or ANU or your education institution)

2. Type what you are looking for (don't worry if it's not exact, our search will 'know' what you're thinking)

3. Find the mutual activity and start communicating.

That's it. Simple isn't it?